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Big spaces for big imaginations



Imagination    meet blank canvas.

Walls awash in a vibrant light show. Softly glowing chinese lanterns hanging from above. Private lounging cabanas for your guests. Perfect settings for an exciting entertaining event. You might imagine that each type of event described would mean three different locations. But it doesn't! With over 40,000 square feet in our facility, Stage 3  has the perfect space for your next event. The vast 60 foot tall white walls in our staging areas are the perfect backdrop for whatever you imagine. Paint the space with your imagination to create any environment you envision.




Corporate events

Book your corporate event at Stage 3 and you'll quickly see why we are  the first  choice for vehicle product launches, team building seminars and gatherings for special occasions with  large numbers of employees. Whether you are envisioning a large function or desire a small, intimate setting, our unique complex will make it unforgettable.  Full size overhead doors can accommodate special display items as large as a semi-truck  while lighting technicians, grip, set builders, and catering can all be supplied.  The staff at Stage 3 will make certain every aspect of your production comes off smoothly and successfully.



special events

The wide open spaces of Stage 3 accommodate large groups comfortably,
making it the first choice for fundraising and community events. Our full size kitchens are ideal for food preparation and catering options can be provided. Hosting an event at Stage 3 is economical and makes for an event your guests can remember. Whatever the theme of your event, Stage 3 is the perfect place to set the right mood.





An important part of what makes any wedding memorable is the choice of venue. Make
a statement with color, light and music in a location few of your guests have experienced. With spaces to accommodate large or small wedding parties, your guests will have lots of room to break out on a large dance floor or mingle comfortably with other guests. The large kitchens at Stage 3 are ideal for a variety of catering options. Whether looking for an intimate setting or a large space for plenty of guests, Stage 3 will exceed all of your expectations.






If you're all about a high energy, pumped up show for your guests, Stage 3 offers a truly unique experience. The vast white walls of Stage 3 are the perfect backdrop for an amazing light show. Set the perfect mood for any blues and greens for a high energy DJ or warm reds and oranges for a hot tropical themed soiree.  The spaces of Stage 3 can also accomodate your additions like large inflatable slides, Vegas themed gaming tables or any number of food and bar stations. Whatever you can imagine can happen at Stage 3. Give us a call and

let us help you create the perfect party! Call us at 888.330.5179.







Book Stage 3 for your event.

When planning your next corporate event or celebration, call us and we'll be happy

to give you a tour of our spaces. Our staff goes the extra mile to cover every last detail, ensuring you and your guests experience a unique and spectacular event.

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Call or email us and Art, our studio manager will answer any questions you have about

planning for your event.

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Stage 3 Productions is located at 27500 Donald Court in Warren, close to all major freeways and minutes from Birmingham, downtown Detroit and Grosse Pointe.

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